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  1. Taski R-4 Furniture maintainer 5Ltr

    . Dries quickly, buffable to a high gloss .Cleans, shines and protects in one step .Neutralises malodour molecules and therefore enhances the perfume effect
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  2. Taski R-6 Toilet Bowl cleaner 5Ltr

    .Regular use prevents lime -scale build -up. .Ideal viscosity for extended contact tiome. .Squeegee - bottle with directional spout , enables fast and easy applicatoins .Colour and alpha - numeric codes to prevent application mistakes
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  3. Taski R-7 Floor Cleaner Concentrate

    Concentrated for economy of use . When used as recommended (for normal soiling ), TASKI R7 Will cost less than Rs.2/- per litre of uses solution . Can be used for manual cleaning as well as machine cleaning . Pleasant room care fragrance .
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  4. Taski R-2 ( hygienic surface cleaner concentrate ) 5Ltr

    Concentrated for economy of use . when used as recommended (for normal soiling) TASKI R2 will cost less Rs.2/- per litre of uses solution Safe for use on all washable hard surface
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  5. Taski R-1 Bathroom Clener Sanitiser Concentrate 5Ltr

    .Provide log 3 reduction of microbial load .Unique combination of quaternary ammonium compound and non-ionic surfactant makes the formula potent to do cleaning and sanitisation at 20% concentration. . Water hardness sequester which requests 50 ppm of water hardness at 2% concentration to avoid water hardness scale deposition. . Does not contain any abrasive, hence will not scratch bathroom surfaces.
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  6. Taski R-3

    .Highly effective, pH-neutral .Dries quickly without streaking .Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance Benefits .Easy spray-on, wipe-off action
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  7. Taski R-5 Air Freshener 5Ltr

    . waste - based air freshener . dose not use ozone- depleting aerosols .Freshens and deodorizes the room . .Pleasant , fresh room care fragance. .Extremely econmical in use, when compared with aerosal - based air fresheners
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